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How it works

Our quote finder is an tool designed to find the stoic quotes most relevent to your needs. Find passages from 'Meditations' and 'Moral Letters to Lucilius'. The process is simple:

  1. You Provide Input: Enter a word, set of words, or a phrase related to a concept you're interested in exploring.
  2. Vector Search: We use Pinecone, an advanced vector database system, to transform your input into a unique vector and match it with similar vectors from the Stoic texts in our database.
  3. Result Generation: The most similar vectors, i.e., the most relevant paragraphs from the texts, are identified and returned to you.
  4. Highlighting: The most relevant sentence in each paragraph is highlighted for you.

In essence, our tool uses technology to guide you to the most pertinent stoic wisdom based on your inputs.