Stoicism: The Ancient Philosophy That’s Still Relevant Today

Posted on 2023-04-08

Have you ever heard of Stoicism? It’s an ancient Greek philosophy that’s all about developing self-control and fortitude to overcome destructive emotions. Sounds pretty useful, right? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key concepts in Stoicism and see how they can help us live a more fulfilling life.

First up, let’s talk about accepting and living according to nature. According to the Stoics, everything that happens in life should be accepted, whether it’s good or bad . This might sound a bit daunting at first, but the idea is that by accepting everything that comes our way, we can develop a sense of inner peace and resilience. So next time something doesn’t go your way, try taking a deep breath and accepting it as part of the natural flow of life.

Another key concept in Stoicism is examining circumstances using the dichotomy of control. This means looking at a situation and figuring out what is within our control and what is not . By focusing on what we can control and letting go of what we cannot, we can avoid getting caught up in worry and anxiety. So next time you’re feeling stressed out, try asking yourself: “Is this something I can control?” If the answer is no, take a deep breath and let it go.

Finally, let’s talk about the four Stoic virtues: wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation . These virtues are all about living a fulfilling and happy life. Wisdom helps us make good decisions and understand the world around us. Justice is all about treating others fairly and justly. Courage helps us face our fears and overcome challenges. And moderation is all about finding balance in our lives. By practicing these virtues, we can live a more fulfilling life according to Stoic principles.

So there you have it - some key concepts in Stoicism that can help us live a more fulfilling life. Next time you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, try taking a deep breath and remembering these ancient teachings. Who knows - they might just help you find a little more peace and happiness in your life.